Sunday, January 24, 2010



The United States established contact with imperial China in the late 1700s through merchant sailors. Later in the 20th century it would establish relations with two governments of China, the Republic of China (which is alive and well on Taiwan) and the People's Republic of China, simply known as China today.

So why the blog's name? Simply put the United States has historically known "China" as a relatively weak country since it was founded in 1776. However, with China's growing influence the United States is forced to factor in its response or position on any policy issue. Essentially, China's development is requiring a fundamental shift in how the United States perceives and reacts to the growing power. Therefore, I argue that the United States is getting to meet the real China for the first time.

This blog is an attempt to understand the dynamics at play in the Sino-US relationship, examining both the short and long-term. I'll mix in a lot of history, for only by looking at and understanding the past can one appreciate the current situation.

As I post news articles and my thoughts, feel free to add your comments. If by chance you disagree with my opinion, say so and include a link to a source that was used to base your opinion on. That way I can understand where you're coming from and learn something new.



  1. Hi Chris!
    It's Asia, and I just found your blog :)
    I hope you are well and thoroughly enjoying studies at Fletcher. I think it's great that you're finally writing on China - who else to write on China if not you?

    I wanted to ask you if you could have a post on China-ASEAN pact from January 1 2010 and what implications this has on the rest of us. I haven't seen much coverage of it in the news and I wonder why this is. Maybe because it was on New Year's and we were all sobering up? :) It would be intersting to hear you opinion and thoughts on this.

    Big hugs from London! UK misses you.
    Asia B.

  2. Hey Asia!

    Glad you like the blog! Give me a few days to get smart on the China-ASEAN FTA. It's something I've been meaning to do and you're right, not much attention has been given to it. Expect it on Friday.